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Recycling Updates
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Last Updated: 2017/11/21
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Last Updated: 2017/11/20
Please carefully review the attached flyers with immediate updates to recyling preparations for the Town of Fremont.

There have been changes in the recycling market, and a crackdown on the way recyclables are prepared.  Please help us keep as much in the recycle stream as possible, by following these new guidelines published by WM and received in our office today (11/20/2017).  We are still waiting for direction on how to process things like shredded paper, because it can no longer be placed in your bin inside a plastic bag.

Even if plastic bags have the recycling triangle on them, they CANNOT be placed in your recycle bin, they must go in the trash. Waste Management has posted the following notice, and you may also see postings in your recycling bin, or items returned that cannot be recycled.  They have posted the following, with an 800 number at the end to call for information.  AS WE LEARN MORE, we will post it on the Town's website.

Trash concerns can also be directed to the Selectmen's Office at 895 2226 x 303 (Jeanne); x 302 (Kathy) or x 301 (Heidi).  If we don't have the answer, we will direct you to WM at the number shown below.  Our normal WM customer service number is 800 847 5303 and that can also be used.  Please be patient as we learn more about these changes.

Another new flyer is attached with more streamlined information about single stream recycling, which is what we do here in Fremont.  Please eliminate the use of plastic bags immediately.  All DRY, LOOSE recyclables should be place din your bin.  If it would help with wind or other factors, consider putting your recycling in up to a 35 gallon container (a small gargage can); and label it recycling.  We have some stickers in the Selectmen's Office, or put a big triangle symbol on it.  We know that wind is a concern, but WM can no longer accept bagged recyclables because of the "contamination."  

We do understand this is another change, and we have asked WM to be patient as we circulate these materials and get people acclimated to the updates.  Thank  you once again for your patience and continued interest in recycling.  Every bit we recycle saves us tipping fees.

Cardboard can be cut down to 2 feet square for recycling, and plastic containers #1 through #7 are acceptable, just not plastic bags and the like, even if it has a recycling symbol on the bag.  

From Waste Management email of 11/17/2017:  

Dear Valued Customer,

We are reaching out to you concerning some recent developments in the recycling industry, specifically related to material quality. China, which is the largest consumer of recovered material in the world, has decided to prohibit the import of several streams of recyclable materials and mandate a higher quality standard on others. Specifically, China has banned the import of mixed plastics and mixed paper and is dramatically decreasing the threshold of prohibitive material allowed on other grades. These global industry changes directly impact our business and yours. Our success at continuing to meet all recycling product specifications largely depends on the quality of the inbound material we receive from you. Just follow these 3 simple rules:

1.      Recycle all empty bottles, cans, cardboard and paper.
2.      Keep food and liquid out of recycling.
3.      Keep plastic bags, bagged recyclables, plastic film and medical waste out of recycling.

What do these changes mean to you?
•       Effective November 20, you may experience service disruption to your recycling service should there be bagged recyclables or other contaminants in your container. In this event, you will have a chance to remove the contaminants so we can come back and service you.
•       If we find contamination in your recycling material after it arrives at one of our recycling facilities, you may be responsible for additional costs associated with the separation of and proper disposal of the trash and recycling materials.

What can you do?
•       Do not throw plastic liner bags filled with recyclables into your recycling containers. Empty the recycling contents into your container only, and throw the plastic liner bags into your trash.
•       Check out our Most Common Contaminants List and educate everyone in your place of business on items that do not belong in single stream recycling containers.
•       Visit to see the wealth of recycling educational materials Waste Management makes available for you.
•       Consider discontinuing the use of plastic liners in your recycling bins throughout your company.

Waste Management is committed to recycling. We have invested millions of dollars and continue to invest but need our customers' assistance to strengthen the recycling industry for a viable future. We appreciate your business, and are seeking to ensure the sustainability of our recycling efforts by eliminating contamination before it gets to any recycling facility. Thank you in advance for your assistance with improving the inbound quality of the material you collect, and we receive.

Should you have any questions regarding your recycling service, please feel free to call us at 1-800-972-4545.


Chris DeSantis
Waste Management Area VP, New England & Upstate New York   


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