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Updated Recycling Guides & Trash contract information
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Last Updated: 2019/1/4
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Last Updated: 2019/1/4

    The Town’s contract with Waste Management expired 12/31/2018 and a four month extension has been negotiated so that we have trash and recycling services through May 1.  
     Very important this year on the Town Meeting Warrant is a new contract for the Town’s trash and recycling collections.   Due to changes in the default budget law preparation, the contract must be approved by voters in order that the annual 3% increase becomes part of our operating budget for the ensuing years of the contract.  The Town put this work out to bid last September, and the Selectmen have tentatively accepted the proposal from Waste Management for a five year contract as the lowest cost option for the Town.  There are new provisions of the contract including a processing cost monthly.  The more acceptable recycling we do, the less these costs should be.  Waste Management also had a lower base price, with only 3% annual increases instead of 5%.
     The most updated recycling guides are attached here, with a guide on what can be recycled and how to process it.  An updated contaminates sheet is also attached - these "contaminants" need to be kept OUT of your recycling bin, and put in the trash or brought to Bulky Day.


    Recently Waste Management has reached out to let the Town know of some changes that have been made regarding the items we recycle.  When we export the recycled items, there is a stricter quality control needed.  To avoid contaminated loads and added costs, Waste Management will be checking the quality of items from your bin at the curb before they go into the truck.  Please refer to the attached sheets to see exactly what is recyclable and how it should be processed.  The largest changes are in the plastics market.         
     These lists are attached, and print copies will shortly be available at all Town Buildings.  
     Nothing else should go in the recycling bin, especially plastic bags, even if they have the recycling emblem on them.  We also have learned that flower pots, and the plastic “six pack” that annual flower come in, are NOT currently recyclable even if they show the recycling symbol.  This has to do with size and processing limitations.  No types of Styrofoam are recyclable in Fremont, even if they may have the recycling emblem on them.
    Recycling has become a challenge as there is not much of a market for the plastic recyclables now.  The most important thing with recycling is to not contaminate the recycling with other items that are no longer accepted.  The Town will save money if we can follow these updated guidelines effectively.
    If you have any additional questions, please check the Town web site on the Trash and Recycling Page, or call the Selectmen’s Office at 895 2226 2226 x 303 (Jeanne) or x 302 (Kathy).
    We appreciate your cooperation, as the more we can properly recycle, the more we can reduce our tipping costs at the landfill.


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