Town Officials & Employees

Elected Officials

In accordance with NH Statute, there are several other Town Officials who are elected on an annual or multi-year basis.  This currently includes the following positions and term lengths:

Library Trustee3 years3 member board
Trustee of Trust Fund3 years3 member board
Road Agent3 years 
Town Clerk / Tax Collector3 years 
Treasurer3 years 
Supervisor of the Checklist3 years3 member board
Cemetery Trustee3 years3 member board
Budget Committee3 years8 member board including ex-officio members of the School Board and Board of Selectmen

By Statute, the Town Clerk Tax Collector and Treasurer each have a Deputy.  The Selectmen at the recommendation of the Town Official, approve these deputies. 

In 2013, voters voted to combine the positions of Town Clerk and Tax Collector. Effective the March 2014 elections, the Town elected a Town Clerk / Tax Collector for a three year term.

Other Town Officials

The Town employs other individuals to carry out the general daily business of the Town. The Board of Selectmen appoint these individuals. These positions include:

  • Town Administrator
  • Police Chief
  • Fire Chief
  • Health Officer
  • Deputy Health Officer
  • Emergency Management Director
  • Deputy Emergency Management Director

Town Employees

All Town Employees are hired by the Board of Selectmen. This includes a variety of other clerical and administrative staff, Parks & Recreation seasonal employees, cemetery caretakers, police officers, maintenance workers, and highway workers. The Library staff are hired by the Library Trustees in concert with the Board of Selectmen. The Trustees have agreed to follow the Town's Personnel Policies and Practices and work within the Town's payroll and accounting systems.

All of the Town's Fire and EMS emergency service personnel are considered Town employees, participating in a Points Compensation Plan and a Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) on an annual basis. Fremont has a combined Fire Rescue Department as of March 2007 that includes all firefighters and EMS personnel.