Downloadable Forms

Form Name Description
Budget Line Item Transfer Request FormFor Department use to request a budget line item transfer.  Complete and submit hard copy to Board of Selectmen.
Change of Address FormFor any property owner who needs to provide a current or updated address for Town records (tax bill, abutter information, etc).  Print the form out, complete it, and mail to the Selectmen's Office.
Employee Form W-4For any employee to update their withholding status for Federal Income Tax Purposes.  Print the form out, complete it, and mail or drop off at the Selectmen's Office.  You can also use this form to update your name or address for payroll records.
Newsletter GuidelinesInformation on what can be published in the Town's Monthly Newsletter.
Request for Out of Pocket Expense ReimbursementFor Town employees and volunteers.  Print out form, complete and submit with original receipts to the Selectmen's Office for payment.
Request to Use Town Property (Town Hall, Safety Complex, Library etc)  Print out this form, fill it out, and turn in the original with your payment, as specified on the form.
Vendor Payment Form W-9For vendors and services who need to be entered into the Accounts Payable system for payment.  Print the form and submit the original to the Selectmen's Office in person or by mail.  Also send a certificate of insurance naming the Town of Fremont as an additional insured.
Volunteer Application FormTo express your interest in volunteering on a Fremont Board, Committee, or Commission.  Print out this form, fill it out, and turn it in to the Selectmen's Office.