Requests for proposals currently posted:

  • Road Engineering 2019
  • Questions posed in follow-up:

    Q1:  During the soil boring task, will the Town or the Consultant be providing traffic control?  It is cost effective if this is provided by the Town.

    There was discussion of have a part-time Highway Department employee do the traffic control.  So long as it could be done with one flagger, the Town can supply it.  That should not be a cost consideration within the proposal.  If the firm believes it is extensively more work, it can be quoted as a stand-alone number so as not to affect the total proposal.

    Q2:  Is there an existing conditions / as-built plans of the three (3) roadways?  While we will contact DigSafe, a better understanding of subsurface utilities within the area is greatly appreciated.

    There are no as-built plans for these roads, they are historically part of the Town’s inventory.

    Q3:  Is the Town’s preference to perform a full-depth box repair or reclamation?  If reclamation, we will need to perform an evaluation on the existing pavement which adds cost to the proposal.

    The Town does not have a preference at this time, the test bores and traffic will tell what needs to be done to bring the roads up to the standard needed, or more simply, the test will show what the current condition of the roads is and what they can support.  (IE: can they continue to handle heavy truck traffic as they are).  There are currently no plans to do reconstruction work, only to look at what the roads can support for heavy traffic/trucking.  (So the Board felt this was beyond the scope they are currently looking at).

    Q4:  Scope Task #8 requires a PTOE for traffic data collection and analysis.  Can the requirement for a PTOE be removed from the request?

    The Board would like to see proposal with and without the use of licensed PTOE’s and will make a determination.  They did want to ensure that an intern was not necessarily conducting the work.