Covid-19 Updates - Updated 10/11/2021

Fremont Seal

Town Hall open for normal posted hours for all offices.  Capacity of 4 in the lobby (at Town Clerk or Select Board counter and waiting).  The CDC recommends that everyone wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.

Town Clerk is open  Monday 9 am to 12 noon; Tuesday 7:30 am to 4 pm; Wednesday 3 to 7 pm; Thursday 9 am to 5 pm; Friday 9 am to 12 noon.   

The Select Board Office is open Monday/Friday 8 am to 12 noon; Tuesday/Wednesday 8 am to 4 pm; Thursday 9 am to 5 pm.  

Library is open all normal hours and continues to do curbside pickup and has the "free" table out.  Building capacity of 25.  Library is open Monday 10 am to 4 pm; Tuesday/Thursday 1 to 7 pm; Wednesday/Friday 9 am to 5 pm; Saturday 9 am to 2 pm.  Masks are required in the Library as of October 1.

The Town is committed to the continued health and optimal safety of our residents as well as our employees.  We will continue to take every possible precaution to keep our staff and the public safe.  We continue to operate a “VIRTUAL TOWN HALL” in addition to the Town Hall being open.  Virtually all of the transactions for our residents can be done online or arranged via phone, email, or drop box.  Resident questions are answered via phone and email daily, and Town Hall services are staffed during all of the usual posted hours.   Please continue to do as much as you can virtually, and drop in as needed!  We do ask you to social distance and respect everyone's space and preferences.

FIRE, EMS AND POLICE: Our incredible Police and Fire Rescue Departments continue to serve the residents of our Town on a “business as usual” basis.  The  lobby is open to the public.  Please call if you neeed something.  If you have non-emergency COVID-19 related questions, please call 2-1-1 (a state hotline manned 24/7 specifically for such questions).  The lobby at the Safety Complex does have a Blink camera system installed that is motion sensitive.  If you approach the door and speak, it will activate.  Someone will be with you shortly (M-F 8-4).  If you have an emergency, please call 911.  You can also do this from the red phone at the right of the Complex door.  It is a direct dial to NH 9-1-1 as soon as you lift the receiver.

PUBLIC MEETINGS: The Select Board meets weekly at the Town Hall.  All other boards are returning to full in-person status.  Watch the CALENDAR on the Town website for updates.  We will continue to observe social distancing for in person transactions, and if you come to a meeting we are updating our signage to reflect current CDC recommendations of wearing a mask regardless of vaccination status.  You can always watch us from home on FCTV 22 or Vimeo (posted just after each meeting closes).  If you have questions, we will usually have an email address posted to send them in and we will try and address them on air.  If you are ill, we ask that you not come to any Town Building.

Memorial Fields (563 Main Street) are open and no mask is required.  

Executive and Emergency Orders from the Governor of NH


WEBSITE: The Town website address is, and we encourage you to visit the website frequently for new information and updates.  Please use the “Ask a Question button” in the Citizen Action Center on the Fremont Homepage.

TOWN HALL MAILING ADDRESS: Should you need to mail anything to Town Hall, the address is as follows:

(Specify which Department, if possible)  Fremont Town Office, PO Box 120, Fremont  NH  03044-0120

DROP BOX: At the front entrance to Town Hall at 295 Main Street, there is a secure, green mailbox where you may drop off any paperwork.  (It is on the left as you approach the front door)  You can also leave items at the top of the back stairway that is under cover.  The drop box is marked with a pink tag.  DO NOT DROP OFF ABSENTEE BALLOTS IN THE DROP BOX.  They CANNOT be accepted.

TOWN HALL GENERAL TELEPHONE NUMBER:  (603) 895 2226  (See contacts below for more specific extensions).  Our lines do jump to next available, so dialing in to the main number will allow you to access any department or extension.  The Select Board's Office staff does answer the phone whenever we are here, and not on another line.  You can also reach the Town Administrator Heidi Carlson at 603 418 4416.

TRANSACTIONS: The following is a list of the transactions most often performed for our residents with some directions as to how each may be accomplished:

Renewal of a car registration:  Online via our website portal: or by mailing in your renewal notice and the appropriate 2 checks to the State and Town; or dropping off your renewal notice and checks in the lockbox at Town Hall.   We encourage residents to use these alternatives as the safest way to do business.  You can walk in to the lobby during Clerk hours with a capacity limit.

Registration and title transfers of a newly purchased vehicle:   

At the bottom of this page you will find six (6) forms all labeled beginning with "MV."  You can use these forms to get all of the necessary information you need to conduct your transactions.  Use any of the forms if they pertain to your situation.   

The Clerk does not know total amount due until your transactions are processed but you can go here for an estimate, this does not calculate transfers:{8B1DF4C8-5855-4000-A2F7-8AA7A127BFB3}   **Please note, this site is used for an estimate only and does not reflect exact amounts.**

Copies of vital records  Clerk's Office email:  or phone: 895 8693 x  307

Marriage License:  Contact the Town Clerk for the worksheet forms and documents necessary.  Email

Tax payments:  Send by mail (checks and postal dates will be honored as the date of payment); or dropping your check in the secure drop box outside of Town Hall.  Contact the Tax Collector with questions  Please note address and/or map/lot on your check.  If you leave the entire bill, you will receive the stamped receipt back in the mail.   You can visit the Collector during posted office hours.

Dog licensing: Renewals can be done online at

Registration of new dogs:  Leave a copy of your rabies certificate and all of your contact information (name, address and cell phone number) with a check in the drop box or send in by mail.  Fees are $7.50 for spayed/neutered per dog; $10 for unaltered, and $2.00 for seniors.  With fees and forfeitures now in place, you must contact the Clerk's Office at to get the correct amount if you are dropping off your check and information.   Licenses for 2021 WERE DUE APRIL 30, 2021.  

Boat licensing: Renewals can be done with the Town Clerk or the State of NH.  The pre-printed forms do not have the updated fees, so please contact NH DMV or the Town Clerk for more information before leaving off your checks.

Voter Registration: Contact Town Clerk at and register during Clerk posted hours.  You can also visit the Supervisors of the Checklist at a posted session.  Please also visit the Supervisor's page for voter registration forms and information at   

Request an Absentee Ballot:  Click here to access the NH Votes page.  Print the ABSENTEE BALLOT REQUEST (choose the fill-in form and print it after you fill it in electronically, or print the paper form and fill it out by hand).  Mail it to the TOWN CLERK at PO Box 120, Fremont NH 03044-0120; fax it to 895 3149; email it to or drop it off in the Town Hall dropbox.  YOU CANNOT DROP OFF an actual ballot in the drop box, you must mail it or hand it directly to the Town Clerk, Deputy or Assistant.  You can also go to the Supervisors of Checklist page.  The next elections are in the spring of 2022.

Abatement applications:  Can be downloaded from the Town’s website at Contact Jeanne Nygren at or 895 2226 x 303.  The next timeline for submitting an abatement is for the 2021 tax year, and it will be AFTER the December 2021 tax bill receipt.  These are filed with the Select Board.

Property Record Cards: Can be sent out by mail if you need it, and can be accessed all the time online at  Contact Jeanne, Kathy or Heidi in the Select Board’s Office to have any of our forms mailed or emailed out to you.  The 2021 revaluation data is uploaded for residents to view.  The taxpayer terminal in the Town Hall is also operational.

Filing for and renewals of Exemptions and Credits:  Information for verification or renewal can be sent by mail or dropped off in the drop box; questions can be directed to Kathy Clement,  895 2226 x 302.  Forms can be downloaded from  Print and fill out and submit with necessary documentation (which we will return to you).  We can also mail these to you.  The deadline by Statute is April 15th annually.  You can schedule time to submit with Select Board's Office staff if needed.

Intents to Cut and Intents to Excavate: Can be mailed to the Select Board’s Office, left in drop box, or scanned/sent to once completed.  Please be sure your form is complete and includes an email and phone contact.  Report of Cut/Excavated Materials are due April 15 annually.  

Verification of Owners on Abutters List:  Already created abutters lists can be emailed for ownership verification to  Contact the Select Board’s Office if you need assistance putting together a list or to get access to the most-current information.

Building Inspections:  Inspection requests shall be directed to the Inspector at or by calling 895 3200 x 309.  He generally works from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm; and does inspections within these times, so please call before dropping by to see him.

Building permits:  Permit applications are available on the Town website and will be accepted via email, mail or drop box outside Town Hall.  Should you need to drop off plans or applications which will not fit in the drop box, please contact 895 3200 x 309 or   If you need a permit form for new dwelling construction, you must ask for a hard copy from the Inspector or Select Board's Office.  We cannot post this as it's a copyrighted ICC form.  The Inspector generally works 7:30 am to 1:30 pm Monday through Friday.  He also does inspections during this time, so feel free to visit the Select Board Office if he is not in the building, or schedule time with him.

Building plan reviews:  Will be accepted via email, mail or drop box outside Town Hall.  Inspector will meet individuals by appointment to go over plan questions; please contact or  895 3200 x 309.  

Burial plot sales and Interments: contact Cemetery Sexton Shawn Perreault at at 895 2226 x 310 to arrange.  

Driveway Inspections:  Permits are on the Town website.  You can also call the Select Board's Office (Heidi, Jeanne, Kathy) to have one mailed to you.  Fill out the application form and leave with $65.00 fee in the drop box or with the Select Board's Office in Town Hall.  Please note there are two types, one for new construction, and one for paving/repaving of a driveway.  Contact the Road Agent for all driveway inspections at 603 300 7430.  If you are on a State Road, you must use a NH DOT permit form and submit to NH DOT.

Food Pantry:  Renee 603 244 1404 or Kim 207 370 5096.  Arrangements made for outdoor pickup.  Contact Renee or Kim to get food or to make a donation.  At this time, the best way to make a donation is by check or grocery gift card.  Mail to Select Board's Office or drop in front drop box at Town Hall.  

Notary - If you need something notarized, call the Select Board Office at 895 2226 and any of us can help.  There is a Notary in the Select Board's Office during all regular office hours.  You do not need an appointment, drop in during any posted office hours.  Bring an ID and your original unsigned document.

Oil burner permits can be downloaded from this state link:  NHFMO Oil Burner Permit Form.  Print and complete the form and drop off in the Town Hall dropbox or mail to Town of Fremont, PO Box 120, Fremont NH 03044 with the $65.00 fee payable to Town of Fremont.   Be sure to leave all of your contact information.  

Road concerns or questions, Snow Plowing, Roadway drainage: Contact Road Agent Leon Holmes Jr at 603 300 7430.  The Highway Department works 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, observing appropriate social distancing.

Trash / Recycling:  To log a repair ticket for a toter, get another recycling bin, or general recycling questions about pickup, acceptable items or schedules, contact Jeanne Nygren 895 2226 x 303 or Kathy Clement 895 2226 x 302. 

FOR TOTER REPAIRS, you can also call the Waste Management Toter Line at 603 330 2168.  The outgoing message refers to Rochester only, but ALL toter requests (for any Town) can be left.  WM is working remotely and has not updated their outgoing message.  Only ONE toter per household unit is allowed.

Waste Management is collecting trash and recycling on their normal schedule, observing appropriate social distancing. ALL TRASH MUST BE SECURED (TIED) IN BAGS BEFORE GOING IN YOUR TOTER.  Latex gloves are trash, cannot be recycled.

To file Land Use Board submissions (including Planning Board, Zoning Board, Conservation Commission), or to review property files, site plans, subdivision plans, etc. please contact Leanne Miner to arrange.  The Land Use Office is generally open from 11 am to 4 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and otherwise by appointment.

GIS/map questions / Tax and Assessor's maps: visit our website or contact Heidi at

Select Board Meetings / Agendas or follow-up items contact Heidi Carlson 895 2226 x 301

Fremont Public Library – The Fremont Public Library is open for walk-ins on all posted hours.  They will continue with curbside pickup and bookmobile deliveries and with good weather, the "free" table is out front again!  Please email Eric at with any requests.  You can view the catalog by going to and following the links to the Library.  Happy reading!  Online services and tech support are also still available.  You can return items as usual in the book drop.

Town fee schedule if you need to submit a check with a permit application:


Have a question for a particular department? Please contact the following staff members either via email or by phone (895 2226, or number and specific extensions noted below):

Tax payment questions, Marriage Licenses, Vital records, Vehicle, Boat, Dog and Voter Registrations: Nicole, Cheryl or Debbie or 895 8693 x 307 (Email preferred).

Assessing Department questions:  Jeanne x 303 or Kathy x 302 or Heidi x 301

Building Department questions: Building Inspector Larry Miner 895 3200 x 309


Emergency Management Director – Mark DeVeber  Generaly has office hours at the Safety Complex on Friday mornings.  Please call first.

Fire Rescue – Non-emergency 895 9634   or Raymond Dispatch 895 4222 email Chief Butler

Food Pantry - Renee 603 244 1404 or Kim 207 370 5096

Health Officer - April Phelps  895 2226 X 301 or email Health Officer    

Highway Department questions:  Road Agent Leon Holmes Jr  603 300 7430

Planning Department questions: Land Use AA Leanne Miner 895 3200 x 306

Budget and Finance questions: Heidi Carlson 895 2226 x 301

FCTV:  Coordinator Bill Millios   895 3200 x 312

Police non-emergency:  Station 895 3425 or 895 2229       Rockingham County Sherriff's Department 679 2225

Select Board's Office:  Our office is staffed normal operating hours.  The main line is 895 2226.  Heidi x 301; Jeanne x 303; Kathy x 302.

Welfare questions: Herb Tardiff   603 867 3753

Of course, should you have a general question and you are not sure who to call, please contact our Administration office:  Town Administrator Heidi Carlson:  895 2226 x 301 or 603 418 4416.

If you do not have internet service, please call us and we will be creative in finding a way to help!

You can pick up Litter Free bags and do roadside cleanup, observing social distance, IF YOU CAN FIT THE BAGS IN YOUR TOTER with your weekly trash.  Bags are at the Town Hall out front by the drop box, at the back deck upstairs; at the main entrance to the Fremont Public Library and at Ellis School. 

New Hampshire residents with questions should call the following phone numbers:

General questions on COVID-19:  2-1-1    Callers will reach a phone menu, and then select the ‘COVID’ option to reach a live operator.  Callers should expect to wait patiently for many minutes to reach an operator.

To immediately report any suspect cases of COVID-19 (via exposure or travel) to the DHHS at: During the day, call 603 271 4496 (office hours from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM) or 603 271 5300 (only after hours).  Caller should expect to leave a message with an operator, or leave a voice mail, and wait patiently for a return call within a few hours.

Direct sick people (i.e. symptomatic with fever, cough or shortness of breath) should call their healthcare provider.  If they don’t have a provider, they can call an urgent care clinic and ask for an evaluation. 

ALWAYS REMEMBER THE BASICS:  Please wash your hands often with soap and water. 

Stay home if you are ill.  Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, throw it away immediately, and WASH your HANDS.  We are screening anyone who wants to enter the Town Hall for any reason, and will take your temperature and ask you the standard Covid-symptom questions.  We appreciate your assistance so that we may all stay safe.

For more information, please visit the DHHS COVID-19 webpage at

Stay Informed:  For up-to-date information about the COVID-19 outbreak in New Hampshire visit:     

To report a charitable giving scam, contact the Charitable Trusts Unit: Phone: 603-271-3591         Email:


To report a business-related scam, contact the Consumer Protection Hotline:       Phone: 1-888-468-4454              Email: