Current Notifications & Road Construction - Updated 06/30/2020

Revaluation Updates
Fremont Seal

Supervisors of the Checklist will meet at 10:00 am at the Town Hall, in the rear parking lot (drive-thru service available) to accept new voter registrations and name changes or updates.  No party changes can be done as the State's deadline for this was in early June.  Bring an ID and proof of residency to register.

The soccer field at Memorial Fields (563 Main Street) is not available for use for any purpose at this time due to recent overseeding and aerovation maintenance.  Please refrain from using this area for the next couple of weeks so our new grass will germinate and assist with field improvements.  The Park is NOT sanitized, and no bathrooms are currently available.

NHEC and it's contractor consultant, Vegetation Control Service Inc are undertaking powerline maintenance within Fremont which includes treatment of undesirable vegetation in power lines.  Their letter, maps and information is included in the attachment at the bottom of the page.  Contact them with any questions.

Assessors from MRI are in the field doing reval/sales inspections.  They have decals on the side of their car, will be wearing a mask, and a yellow safety vest and are easily identifiable.  If you have a recent sale/purchase or other changes, they may knock on your door, leave a letter for you to read, and step back to wait for you to answer.  They will maintain a six foot distance, and may ask you some questions at the door.  They may do some exterior measurements and take a photo of your home before leaving.  We appreciate any assistance you are able to give them, as pertinent and updated information is important to the revaluation process.

Progress overall on the 2020 revaluation has been halted by the virus.  Work is still ongoing, and we hope that MRI will have preliminary letters out in July.  Please watch for more updates.  We will post updates as they become available.

HOOKE ROAD CONSTRUCTION is scheduled to begin Monday July 13 weather permitting.  All obstructions in the ROW should be moved before that time.  Questions can be directed to the Road Agent at 603 300 7430.  Local traffic only will be permitted during daytime work.  Town work is anticipated to take about two weeks, followed by finish paving.

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