Town Emails

Fremont Seal

The Town has undergone an email conversion.  We are not receiving old emails from the Comcast addresses.  PLEASE UPDATE your address book as soon as possible!  If you have not received a response to an email please feel free to call the Department directly.  We apologize for any convenience this may cause.

TOWN HALL STAFF:  Town Clerk Tax Collector  (This includes all office staff, Nicole, Cheryl and Debbie)

Heidi Carlson                                           

Jeanne Nygren

Kathy Clement                                         

Leanne Miner

Building Inspector                   

Town Treasurer Rachel Edwards 


Fire Chief Richard Butler   Currently out on medical leave.  Please contact Deputy Nichols

Deputy Chief Joe Nichols               Deputy Kevin Zukas

EMS Captain Vincent O'Connor              Fire Captain Kevin O'Callaghan

Lieutenants Bryan Bielecki    Ryan Dame   Joel Lennon   John Linville

Jared Butler              Ronald DeClercq           Travis Depierre

Mark DeVeber                Joshua Gallant            Robert  “RJ” Giegerich

Joseph Goldstein            Matthew Griswold            Jay Lennon

Doris Nichols                Joseph Parisi                       Gary Pellegrini

John Roderick             Karen Rota                 Anthony Sclafani

Seth Wood                     Danielle Zukas

We are in the process of converting the PD emails, but all addresses remain the same.  

Thank you for your patience!  The spam filter in the new system is extremely sensitive, so if you have not heard back, please call the office you need so that we may try and access your message alternatively.